Like Very short . 

Being a cashier teaches me to have a good communication , like if I am wrong , I'll proudly admit it . But , if the customers are wrong , always use the slogan :

"Customer is always right "

Isn't it ironic ? No , it's not . Haha . Here , everyone is Kakak and Abang to me . No Mak Cik and Pak Cik . Even my tongue twist a little bit to spell A.B.A.N.G , I get used to it day by day . Its January 30 in year 2013 where my story began . A short story that make my heart pounce several times like Aaaahh . Okay , readers should push me from a 20 feet building , like NOW . 

I have a partner out there , helping me  with my work . His name is Muhammad Nazirul and if you know him , you'll become crazy like him too . Like no Hospital Tanjung Rambutan will accept him . Joking Yoi , I'm just joking :D I share like everything to him , even I knew him for about 20 days ? *Lol , not everything :D Haha , he knew about that "Budak Negeri Sembilan" that I crush over and I know about his "Minah Jepun" what-so-evar . I call him Budak Topi as I always hit his cap if I'm angry with him . Ganas isn't it ? 

Well , last night a group of Kakak are standing by the counter ready to pay the bills . So , as usual I'll ask the same lame question . I had to . :D 

"Ini jea ke kak ?"

"Iyalah sayang "

And my world spinning like 360 degrees . Ahhaaa. I just loveeee the word . Then , I told Budak Topi about that sayang-thing . I said that I love people calling me 'sayang' and it's only true to the girls . 

"So , nanti Budak Negeri Sembilan kena panggil hang sayang la kan ? Haha "

--" And the rest is history .

P/S : Sayang doesn't always means love . Sometimes it tells caring and brings happiness .

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