Someone please put a fullstop for this :)

Assalamualaikum  First of all . I had enough for this . I want a solid fullstop for what is happening around me  . Aku tak mahu merapu segala dah . Aku mahu jadi matang . Matured for my age . seventeen . I should be a matured girl now . Najwa , stop thinking about this and that . You have so much thing to do , lha before pikir bend-benda yang tak masuk di akal .

Sometimes, I feel so stupid , bila bukak hikayat aku dekat orang lain . Even my big , confidential secret . Oh My Gosh . saya sudah hilang akal ka ? That's the reason why I write this post . I want to end my childish time . GROWN UP girl . Wake up . 

Muchas Gracias.
2.14 a.m . 
Sunday .

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