The ABC of life

When it comes about life , I have to spin around 360 degree to get the right angle about life . I have no right and full definition about life . But I did know about my life . >,< My life fulls of the ups and downs . So do you, reader . Right ? When we are at the ups , what we gonna do ? Happy , excited , knob ? Or still being humble as you are ?

When we are at downs , do we cry ? Yes , I cry . Then , I remember the God . 

So , my life had been so meaningless if I don't control it . Yes , we say "Its all faith" . But , we are here , as human being , has the intelligence , as long as we have the cerebrum as the site of it, we got to change the faith. It does not mean we against what have been prepared for us , earlier . But , we got to change it . Change that suits us and life are meant to be meaningful . 

:) If we just sit , relax and do nothing to , at least , upgrade our life , then your life will be a lame . BORING ! And if that so , it'll turn to be soooo meaningless . :) 

Do pray to God , people . ALWAYS . :) 

The A-B-C of life means that various spice in our life , mixing together to make a sweet and beautiful dream that goes on . I remember a quote that I love to tell people . 

Life is like playing piano . Black keys are bad moments , and white keys are 
sweet moment . But both are played together to make bfeautiful melody.
Melody of Life

May Allah bless you.
Muchas Gracias. 

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