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hello peeps ! Today's talk is all about me . Just me. No special meaning about the title and no hard feeling , please :) Hi, it's me Najwa . My full name is Siti Najwa Shamsudin . People call me Awa and certain people call me Wawa . I prefer the former , for your information . I was born in February 22 in year 1995 . It makes me 17 this year and absolutely I'm a SPM candidate . It's actualty ex-SPM candidate . Well done . I've just done my last paper , Quran Sunnah this evening and now I'm completely boring . Seriously , boring ! Well , I wanna give a story about my life . What I think about life , love and hope . And second most importantly , what did I've done in my life ?
My profession ? Well , it's very clear that I am a part time blogger, twitterer, facebooker and full time Muslim . (copied) . HAHA ! Let's talk about life .

what is mean by life ? In Malay , life means 'kehidupan' . Bet everyone knows it . You should know that life is like riding a bicycle . To keep it balance , you must keep moving . There are three words I can sum up about life : LIFE GOES ON ! People , stop worrying about life . Life isn't matter if you don't change your heart . You can only live your life with a good, beautiful heart . Life is meaningless if you don't do something meaningful in your life . You are lifeless if you are still the person that can't make decisions by your own . As for me , life is full of challenges . It will never come to an end . After one , there is another one . Life teaches me maturity that I never get it . Life gives passion , emotions and hopes to me . Sometimes, I think that life is just unfair but it's actually me who is unfair . The ups and downs is the ABC of life . Just don't give up in your life , peeps ! It's too beautiful !

ahaa , love is so sweet ! Like honey and sugar . Like cappuccino and mocha . Like tea and coffee . Like Baskin Robins and Cool Blog . HAHA ! I'm joking here, but it's true Love is really sweet , for people who finds it sweet . Some people doesn't want to understand love and some of them just , hate it . " Hate love " doesn't mean that you are a cruel with emotionless characteristics . It just that you don't wanna understand about love other than mother's love, father's love and God's love . It's true . I am one of the person . I didn't believe about so called relationship . I dislike couples because I love thrill in my life . Disliking couples doesn't mean I hate them and it doesn't mean that I would not become one of them . Marriage is one of the Sunnah . And I believe about Jodoh ! Don't waste your time in finding love , let's love find you . Isn't that much sweeter ? Some say that they can't live without love . So I say , I can't live without oxygen . :) I have a crush and I bet everyone have a crush too , hidden ! It can be our friends , relatives strangers , seniors or even juniors .Well , sometime we must realize that someone could be in our heart doesn't mean he/she can be in our life too . We must accept the reality even reality is bitter .  

Ahaa . Whatsup with hope ? Everyone has a wishlist right ? It implies your every dreams that you wish come true . Some of them MAYBE come true and some of them is too hard to come true . As for me , I hope for a NIKON DSLR from my aunty and a motorcycle from my father , but I know I will never get it . It costs lots of Ringgits and it is unaffordable for my father . So , I learn to give and take , forgive and forget . So do you . You hope for the best , but you get the less . You hope for better but you have the worse . You hope for good but sometimes you get the bad . What's this ? It is life . It is hope . You must learn that every hopes you hope don't mean to come true . Some of them may and some of them not . The probability is equal . Everyone is in love with the impossible . The impossible gives you never ending dreams and never ending hopes :) So learn to accept peeps :/ 
Don't cry because its happened ,
smile because it's over .
Night night .
Swet stalker .
Muchas Gracias .
Assalamualaikum .
May Allah bless .


lollie said...

i dont hate couple, i just dont want to be part of it right now. and i pray to Allah so that my friends would not be part of it as well.

klau nak couple sangat, ask your parents to marry you with ur boyf

miss-troublemaker said...

Haha ! Ouhh la la . Kena batang hidung sendiri . Cehh . Dalam tiga benda aku hujah kat situ , love juga dia komen yerr . BTW , I'm not part of it . "P